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Monday, January 11, 2010

Flying high...

Here I go, writing my first blog post in the thick of the action, aboard Virgin Flight 23, JFK--> SFO. I first want to say that Virgin is tricked out in the style of a very exclusive, very mobile, night club. There is neon purple lighting and the bathrooms play smooth jazz. Although I am not live-blogging right now, the airplane happens to be equipped with free WiFi (no charge for internet but must pay $8 for hummus and carrots). All going well here at 30,000 feet. See you on the ground...

Have arrived at a hotel across the street from WICKED's Orpheum Theater. Tired from travel. Had forgotten what hotels are like. This one is old with nifty navy and gold moldings. Semi tricked-out room for the WICKED company rate. Sweetness.

Ack, a lightbulb blew.

Must nap. First rehearsal begins tomorrow afternoon at 1PM. Determined to dazzle with my hyper-preparedness, though main goal is not to fall on my face, in any sense.

Might see two of my good college friends for dinner. Heard from Lee Wilkof (with whom I had a lovely lunch last week in NYC) that area around theater can be somewhat shady at night, so must figure out viable means of transportation. Or will just make those brosephs come to me. I vote the latter.

And, oh yes! Welcome to my blog, Defying Gravitas: Are You Sure You Wanted to Hire Me? Just kidding, that's not what it's called.

The actual title is: UNNATURALLY GREEN, which is inspired by a Stephen Schwartzian song lyric that describes Elphaba, WICKED's heroine, at birth, and more or less describes me right now, in my first-ever production contract. Green. Unnaturally green. Wacka wacka. Sure, I've done paid theater work before, but never for an extended period, as a job job. WICKED marks my first super-duper professional gig. (Briefly: The second part of the subtitle is not entirely true, as I spent my first year in New York City writing the blog for an electronic medical records company. As you can imagine, the content was significantly different. So allow me to fudge the truth slightly-- UNNATURALLY GREEN is my first personalized, theater-related blog. Because people have multiple blogs these days, apparently.)

Blog goals? Um...hoping to set a tone that is--can ya tell--pretty irreverent, somewhat fragmentary, never long-winded, maybe interesting enough to read! Content will include behind the scenes glimpses at rehearsal and performances, recounting of my San Franciscan adventures, and personal musings about the bizarre and miraculous turn my life has taken, from semi-profesh, wide-eyed dilettante to production-contract-wielding dilettante...

I wonder if anyone will read this. My vote is probably not. (Under content goals, add: embody the tree that falls silently in an unpopulated wood.)

Or maybe you are actually out there?

Either way-- see you soon, hypothetical audience--


  1. Added to my Google Reader. Hope you are having a good time - and good luck! XO, ALB

  2. I disagree

    From the desk of Dr. Ray Allen

  3. Well, I'm reading and I look forward to meeting you at SD. I am a regular. Not a kook, just a theater lover who lives on the wrong coast.

  4. Welcome to San Francisco, Felicia! Hope to see you soon.

  5. Great job on the blog Felicia!

  6. Okay, I'm catching up on your blog from the beginning. This is "unnatural" for me as I've never been a blogger-type person. You've definitely got a knack for writing and I'm even more I'm sure a "knack" for theatre - Look where you are? Holy.........Shiz-okay-there-I-said-it!

  7. Technically a tree falling in a forest with no one to hear it still makes sound, because it makes longitudinal sound waves, but... :3 (I learned stuff in physical science this year! Yippee!)