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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First day of rehearsal

Greetings, faithful readers! Just got back to my hotel after having nearly completed my first day of WICKED rehearsal! I have a one hour break for dinner before I must return to the theater for a wig fitting, followed by my seeing the show with David, the stage manager, from the audience. (I learned today that watching the show will comprise a lot of my rehearsing/studying, and apparently I can do it in different places-- i.e. the orchestra section, the mezzanine, the sound booth, backstage... hm, this sounds like an alternate chorus to that Shaggy song.)

How can I possibly describe my experience today? For starters, it's become more and more clear to me that the whole being cast in WICKED thing, from start until now, cannot be pared down to a single moment in time where BAM!-- it suddenly hits me, or something like this. On the contrary, it has all (thus far) unfolded in a way that is relatively manageable, and each day I must incrementally acclimate myself to new, given circumstances. Even being hired, for instance, was a kind of process, as opposed to a moment: I got a call from my agent the morning after my callback, but she told me that while I was the casting director's first choice, he needed me to go to a costume fitting first to be sure I could fit the costumes! (At which point I deeply regretted the way I spent my Thanksgiving.)

With respect to rehearsal, and orienting me, I've been so pleased with how the company has taken steps to make sure I don't implode from all the overwhelming newness.

--ALERT!-- I feel a bout of long-winded-ness coming on... And, worse, I must now depart for rehearsal, Part Deux. But I will be sure to bullet point some nifty details from today upon my return!

To be continued...

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  1. Felicia, Best Wishes I am so happy for you... I am sure you will be Fabulous! Enjoy every minute! oxox