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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The countdown begins

February 5, one week from Friday, will be the date of my put-in rehearsal.  That evening I will join the cast of WICKED.

A put-in rehearsal involves the entire cast but is held for the specific benefit of one or more newbies.  My put-in will be not exclusively for me, but will include Etai BenShlomo (new Boq) and Jody Gelb (new Morrible).  Something which I'm sure is amusing for spectators (of which there will be none, except for select production members) is that the three of us (Etai, Jody, me) will be wearing our WICKED costumes (wigs, microphones, makeup, etc.) but the rest of the cast will be in their street clothes!  That's right: Elphaba won't be green, flying monkeys will be regular dudes, Glinda will be in jeans.  Pretty weird, right?  But kind of funny.  I would pay money to see that.  Except I get to see it anyway.  In any event, all other technical aspects will replicate those of a performance (set, lights, sound), so those of us who are in minor hysterics over the fact that we need to start performing the damn thing furrealz will have the chance to practice it one time, full-out, with everyone present (as opposed to with figments created by one or more swings).  My deeper hope is that my put-in will be a gloriously cleansing apotheosis, whereby my timid, unrehearsed self will undergo an elemental transmutation, from Sings Wicked In The Shower to Certified Wicked Cast Member.  Either that, or it will merely have all the practical benefits of doing the show with the full company.  Most likely the latter.

This Friday, one week before the put-in, we are having an understudy / new cast member "stumble through" on the actual stage stage, where Team Newbie performs all we've learned individually with understudies and/or ensemble members who, combined, comprise the majority of the cast (numbers-wise we will be missing a few parts, but all the moments of essential interaction should be covered).

Pretty out there, right?  I've got to dash tonight, but my next Blog ploy is to publish photos of my script and blocking notes so you guys can have a quick glimpse at the kind of detail one is required to memorize in order to be fully assimilated into the production.  It probably won't make much sense.  At best, I will show you how messy my handwriting is and will feel like someone who is esoterically creative.

Yours in truth,


  1. I'm so excited for you!!! I will pay to see the put-in rehearsal :). I'm going on Feb. 12, which means that I will be able to see you in the show, and maybe even meet you after the show. I'm looking forward to next blog. Break a leg!

  2. I'm going on Feb. 7 -- I've never done the stage door stalking thing, but I just might to thank you in person for this great blog.

  3. Ooooh, can't believe you only have a week left! Coincidentally, I'm seeing Wicked again on Feb 5th... only I'm seeing it in London, not San Fran, so won't be seeing your first show! :( Good luck!

  4. Does this mean you've "made it" when you have two salkers, err, followers, yeah, we'll call them followers, to a rehearsal?

  5. Followers is definitely the preferable term! In my youth I was a follower of Douglas Sills when he was in The Scarlet Pimpernel on Broadway. My dad and I waited outside the stage door nine or so times. I even made him a Pimpernel calendar in which every month was a picture of his face. Please, no one do this, although, if you must, make sure each photo is flattering.

  6. I hope one day to follow you AND Sills.

    Again - this blog is superb! I think my dream job would be to perform in a show where I'm the only one fully costumed.

    love ya!
    Liz G

  7. " I would pay money to see that. Except I get to see it anyway. "

    And you got paid to see it!